Replacement Facility in Northeastern Washington Funded by Tax-Exempt Bonds

In 2022, a $7.9 million tax exempt bond issue helped pay for the construction of a new facility to replace New Health Programs Association’s Colville, Washington medical facility. The replacement facility adds just under 20,000 square feet to the Colville campus and occupies just under one city block. The facility offers primary care medical, pharmacy and behavioral health services.

New Health Programs Association (“New Health”) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) that operates integrated primary care clinics across its service area. New Health operates seven medical clinics, three dental clinics, and three internal pharmacies. The clinics are spread across approximately 6,000 square miles of rural northeastern Washington. New Health employs 140 FTEs across all of its locations.

By issuing tax exempt bonds through the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority to finance this project, New Health will reduce its interest expense over the term of the loan by approximately $636,632. As an FQHC, New Health’s mission is to promote health and wellness within our communities by providing integrated, open-access healthcare for all. With cost savings achieved from financing New Health’s Colville Medical facility through the Authority, they will be able to construct an expanded facility to provide more behavioral health services onsite, as well as space for specialty services that are were not available at the original facility, such as pediatrics.

Contact Information:

Donna Murr, Executive Director
Washington Health Care Facilities Authority
Phone: 360-586-4370